John 18:19-24

19 The high priest then asked Jesus about His disciples and His doctrine.

20 Jesus answered him, “I spoke openly to the world. I always taught in synagogues and in the temple, where the Jews always meet, and in secret I have said nothing.

21 Why do you ask Me? Ask those who have heard Me what I said to them. Indeed they know what I said.”

22 And when He had said these things, one of the officers who stood by struck Jesus with the palm of his hand, saying, “Do You answer the high priest like that?”

23 Jesus answered him, “If I have spoken evil, bear witness of the evil; but if well, why do you strike Me?”

24 Then Annas sent Him bound to Caiaphas the high priest.

Annas tried to get information about the disciples (v. 19). Jesus ignored the question. Instead of preferring a charge and calling witnesses, Annas asked questions to get Jesus to say something to condemn Himself.

His doctrine (teaching) (v. 20) — Jesus had taught openly in public. Annas had sent officers to hear him.

spoke openly (v. 20) — There was no conspiracy.

ask those who have heard Me (v. 21) — In Jewish court, witnesses spoke for the defendant, he didn’t speak for himself. Jesus was showing that the “trial” was unwarranted and illegal.

those who have heard me (v. 21) — an appeal, not to His miracles, but to His words.

with the palm of his hand (v. 22) — should be “gave a blow on the face” probably with a staff to fulfill Micah 5:1. Jesus didn’t retaliate to the blow, but He did speak up for His rights.

Taken to Caiaphas’ house — Matthew 26:59-68

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