1 Corinthians 15:25-28

25 For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet.

26 The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.

27 For “He has put all things under His feet.” But when He says “all things are put under Him,” it is evident that He who put all things under Him is excepted.

28 Now when all things are made subject to Him, then the Son Himself will also be subject to Him who put all things under Him, that God may be all in all.

He must (v.25) — it is God’s will

under His feet (v.25) — Psalm 110:1, quoted in Hebrews 1:13

death (v.26) — A time is coming when all who will die have died.

He says (v.27) — Psalm 8:6 — The first Adam lost his position over creation, but the second Adam (Christ) never will.

all things (v.27) — emphasized — The Father is the only exception to the “all things.”

when (vs. 27 and 28) = whensoever

then (v.28) = immediately following, with no interval

Son Himself will also be subject (v.28) — having fulfilled the Father’s will. His oneness with the Father will continue eternally.

When it says that He will give up the Kingdom, it does not mean that the Kingdom itself will be terminated. The millennial reign is only the introduction to the eternal reign (Revelation 22:5), and has to crush all rebellion. But the Son ceases to reign as man when the thousand years shall have run their course, though as King of Israel He shall also reign forever. As God He is blessed forever and reigning with the Father and the Spirit forever. That God may be all in all. — Bultema, page 133.

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